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What is the personal misconduct here? That they besmirched the reputation of the United States and endangered the President by dallying with sex workers? That they used US tax dollars to stay in a five star hotel and live the high life with a party so loud that it apparently disrupted other guests? That they failed to set a good example for the residents of Colombia, that ‘lesser’ and ‘inferior’ nation?

Or that they carelessly flexed their muscles as the colonisers, as the abusers, as the takers?

We know nothing about the women involved in this scandal; they are the faceless ‘prostitutes’ and we need know nothing more about them. They don’t matter; they aren’t human beings, women with lives and careers of their own. In every story they are simply the vehicle for the shame and embarrassment. How awkward for the US Secret Service, to be caught with whores.

Disposable women. Chiquitas!

We are all in danger here.

Flavia talks about the desecration and violation of nameless brown bodies, the treatment of these bodies as things, the objectification of women who are inhuman by virtue of who they are: This is what she means when she talks about this.

That we, the coloniser, should enter the colonial subject and take what we will.


As I’m working on the site, I’m watching Star Trek: Voyager. It got me wondering about the character trope of the talented-bad-girl-turned-officer (think Starbuck, Ro Laren, B’Elanna Torres).

Outside the system, they are just rebels — dangerous and uncontrollable, in need housebreaking. Once they are incorporated into the system, then they become valuable/safe/subordinate.

Let’s tame those dangerous women, y’all.